Saturday, December 25, 2010

Weekly freebie by (Dec 25, 2010)

This Christmas once again, the main street of of Rochester, Michigan becomes the home of the annual 'The Big Bright Light Show' when the buildings downtown are covered in more than 1.5 million points of glimmering holiday lights.

People young and young-at-heart were admiring the lighting braving the bitter cold (20F), while a few were finishing their last minute shopping or singing christmas carols. Some others were having a good time at their dinner table or were quietly enjoying their drink.

As I looked around I began to wonder: Is this the true spirit of christmas or is it what Wilfred A. Peterson said in The Art of Living: "Christmas is not in tinsel and lights and outward show. The secret lies in an inner glow. It's lighting a fire inside the heart. Good will and joy a vital part. It's higher thought and a greater plan. It's glorious dream in the soul of man."  The latter indeed. Merry Christmas!

Picture Details: Canon 50D 24-70mm lens, F4, 1/64 sec exposure, no tripod, ISO 3200.

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